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Northumbria Probation Area

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Offender Management probation officer with offender

The probation service is responsible for managing an offenders sentence from beginning to end. This includes offender's who receive a custodial sentence as well as those on a community order.

Every offender has an offender management team. This is made up of an offender manager, offender supervisor, key workers and case administrators. The team helps to support and manage the offender duing their sentence.

The offender manager, or probation officer, meets with the offender regularly. The first appointment is actually before they have been sentenced, when the offender manager will interview the offender in order to write the Pre Sentence Report for the court.

Once the offender has been sentenced, the next stage is to produce a sentence plan. This includes all the different parts of the sentence and the work which needs to be done.

Often, some parts of the sentence plan will be delivered by staff from other agencies. For example, if the offender needs drugs treatment. When the offender is in prison for part of the sentence, then they will work with prison staff on a day to day basis. Probation staff in prisons will work with the offender and the offender manager to prepare for the offender's release and resettlement.

The offender manager is responsible for the sentence as a whole and for making sure everything is in place at the right times.

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