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Northumbria Probation Area

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Offending behaviour programmes

These are specially designed courses to address attitudes and patterns of behaviour that contribute to offending. Some offenders have to complete offending behaviour programmes as part of their community order, or part of their licence requirements on release from prison.

Programmes are carefully structured to challenge offenders in their thinking and support them in:

Courses are usually delivered in a group setting. Depending on the course, they can last from 3 months to over a year. Sessions are between 2 hours and a full day, and are delivered once or twice a week in groups of 10-12 offenders. The offender is supported throughout by their offender manager, who will help them to understand everything they are doing.

In Northumbria, we are currently offering 6 accredited programmes:

For more detailed information, click on the titles of each programme

Drink Impaired Drivers    This teaches offenders about the consequences of drinking and driving. It helps them to become responsible and legal drivers. 
Addressing Substance Related Offending
  Offenders look at their addictive behaviour and how it links to crime. They look at ways of managing differently.
Northumbria Sex Offenders Groupwork Programme   The programme aims to reduce the likelihood of further offending by looking at why people offend, the situations which make this more likely and how to stop. Only offenders whose risk to the public can be managed safely in the community are recommended for this programme.
Community Domestic Violence Programme   This helps offenders understand why they use violence. They learn to make positive changes in their home lives and practice skills to respond differently. We also work with other agencies, such as the police, to manage the offenders risk and support their victim.
Cognitive Skills Booster   For offenders who have already done some work on thinking skills but who need extra help. They are reminded of their previous learning and practice their new skills in different life situations.
One to One   For offenders who need a lot of very intensive help with thinking skills and life situations, but are not able to work in a group setting.

All our offending behaviour programmes are nationally accredited by the Home Office and follow a nationally set core curriculum.

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