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Northumbria Probation Trust

image: Offending behaviour programme taking place


Northumbria Sex Offenders Groupwork Programme

This is a treatment programme which tackles sexual offending which may put the public at risk. The programme monitors the offender’s progress, helping them towards the self control which should change their behaviour patterns and reduce the risk of reoffending. To take part, offenders must show motivation to change.

The aim of the treatment programme is to teach self control mechanisms to change attitudes and behaviour. It is targeted at male offenders over the age of 18 years, who have been convicted of contact or non contact offences.

Group members are encouraged by specially trained staff to talk about their offending behaviour and their attitudes. They challenge their own behaviour and each others. They practice new ways of thinking and learn how to deal with situations and to make decisions which help them avoid the patterns of behaviour which caused their offending.

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