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Northumbria Probation Area

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The Community Order

Approximately 70% of offenders supervised by the probation service are on community orders.

Once an offender has been convicted, the magistrate or judge considers the recommendations of the Pre Sentence Report provided by the probation service. A community order can be considered alongside different custodial sentences or a fine.

There is one community order with 12 possible requirements which can be used in different combinations. This means the order can be specially tailored depending on:

The 12 requirements of the community order

Requirement  Duration
Supervision - The offender must attend regular appointments with their offender manager (probation officer), to work on changing their behaviour and lifestyle. Up to 36 months
Unpaid Work - The offender must work unpaid for the benefit of the community. 40 – 300 hours
Accredited programmes - Specially tailored programmes designed to address different types of offending.  Stated number (or range) of sessions
Drug rehabilitation - The offender must address their drug misuse, drug related lifestyle and offending. 6 – 36 months 
Alcohol treatment - The offender must attend treatment to reduce or eliminate their dependency on alcohol. 6 - 36 months 
Mental Health treatment - For this requirement the court must be satisfied the mental condition of the offender requires and may be susceptible to treatment.  up to 36 months
Residence - The offender is required to live at a specified address. This might be a probation hostel (Approved Premises), independent hostel or a private address.  up to 36 months
Specified activity - The offender has to undertake particular activities as specified. In Northumbria, the probation service is currently offering work on education, training and employment as a specified activity. 20-60 days 
Exclusion - The offender is not allowed to enter certain areas. Where possible, this will be monitored electronically.  Up to 2 years
Prohibited activity - The offender must not participate in certain activities on or at specified times. This might include using a computer or taking part in sports activities.  Up to 36 months
Curfew -The offender must remain at an agreed place between specified hours. This is monitored electronically.  up to 6 months
Attendance Centre (for under 25s) The offender must go to an Attendance Centre, where they will undertake structured work. This might include basic skills, first aid, and physical education. 12-36 hours 

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