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Northumbria Probation Area

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Preparing reports for courts

We compile pre sentence reports which help magistrates and judges decide on the most effective and appropriate sentence. The reports are prepared after the offender has been convicted but before they are sentenced.

There are three main types of reports, which are requested by the courts depending on the seriousness of the offence and the type of sentence they are considering.

Each report includes a proposal to sentencers on the type of sentence we consider most suitable, in order to:

We use a specially designed system called OASys (Offender Assessment System) to prepare the reports. We also interview the offender at least once which is an essential part of the pre-sentence report preparation.

Standard Delivery Reports (SDR)

This is requested for offences where more detailed information is needed to decide on the best sentence. The report is ready for the court within 15 days, or 10 days for magistrates court cases where the offender is remanded in custody.

The report includes:

Information from other agencies, including Social Services or a psychiatric assessment, may also be included.

Fast Delivery Reports (FDR)

We use these reports for less serious crimes and where the offender is assessed as low to medium risk. They are similar to SDRs but with less detail and take less time to prepare. They can be prepared on the day or soon after the offender is convicted.

Oral reports

We present an oral report to sentencers on the day if requested, giving details of the offender’s background, their offence and an assessment of their risk of re-offending and harm to the public.

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Court reports

Over the last year, Northumbria Probation Area prepared approximately 4438 SDRs and 3328 FDRs for the courts.

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