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Northumbria Probation Trust


What is probation?

Northumbria Probation Trust works to protect the public, reduce reoffending, support victims and rehabilitate offenders. We supervise adult offenders serving community orders and released from prison on licence.

We undertake structured work with offenders to ensure their proper punishment and to reduce the likelihood of their reoffending. Our staff work with offenders in the community, in prisons, in probation hostels (approved premises) and in court.

Each offender has an offender manager, who oversees the sentence from beginning to end and works with the offender to produce a sentence plan for all the different parts of the sentence. They also undertake a risk assessment on the offender which is regularly reviewed and updated. This assesses how likely the offender is to reoffend and the amount of risk they pose to the community. It is then used to make sure appropriate risk management plans are put in place.

Work with offenders can include supervision sessions, offending behaviour programmes, Community Payback and education, training and employment. Much of this work is undertaken directly by probation staff, other aspects are delivered in partnership with voluntary and private sector providers.

Probation staff also work closely with the police, prison and court staff to ensure sentences are effectively delivered and enforced. We also play a leading role in protecting the public, working closely with the police and other agencies to identify and manage the risk posed by each offender.

All these different aspects to the work of the probation service are explained in detail throughout this site.

general information booklet

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offender quote

John said: "I'm not the same person I was back then. I've got my own flat, a job and a girlfriend. I couldn't have done that without probation."

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